Job Scam Alert: Engineering Dobersek Company

Job Scam Alert: Engineering Dobersek Company

Public Service Announcement: Job Scam Alert

How many red flags can you identify in this job scam email? You have 2.5 seconds to answer. Go!

(Why am I still amazed at the clumsiness of these things?)


Rachel September <>

Thu, Oct 12, 10:21 AM (7 days ago)

to me

Dear Keith Ratner,

       Congratulations! Our recruitment team has reviewed your portfolio/resume on INDEED for the position of Graphic Designer job and Engineering Dobersek Company believes you are capable of handling this position based on your profile and you have been selected for an online interview and job briefing.

You are to create or use an existing zoom app account (Chat) to proceed with the job interview and to know more about the company, positions, pay scale and duties.

You are to set up a Username with a zoom account and add up the company’s head of operation ID to your contact list, zoom chat Username is ( and instant message Her for an online interview/briefing exercise.

You are to be available on zoom account chat for the interview (ASAP), Your swift and timely response matters to this position as well as the job interview. I wish you all the very best of luck in the interview. Please feel free to contact Ms. Veronica Ford for more details.

Time: ASAP

Position: Graphic Designer

Venue: ZOOM IM Chat

Best regards,

Human Resources Department

Engineering Dobersek Company.


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