WhatsApp Recruitment Scam

WhatsApp Recruitment Scam

10/16/2023 from +1 (945) 766-9966


How are you doing right now?

I’m Martha Clarkson from Omnicom Group Advertising Media

We are looking for part-time/full-time employees and freelancers in the United States

Can I share more information with you?


What types of positions are you offering?

“Martha Clarkson:”

Our jobs have different benefits and requirements:

This job is available part-time and full-time, helping to optimize data and ratings for major hotels around the world

Flexible working hours

Training will be provided

Age 22-69 years old

Can be done without affecting current work

No training restrictions, no agency fees (no training fees)

You can work from anywhere and someone will train you in the early stages

Work approximately 60-90 minutes a day,

Flexible working hours and location (can be arranged freely)

Earn $300-$500 per day upon completion

Base salary is $800, 5 days per week

If you are interested, our team will provide specific details.

are you interested this in job ?


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